Including extracts from the book “Many Will Be Deceived

By Russell Ian Jones

What I am about to unfold to you is astounding in that there would be Christian’s in the 1800s who carried a deceptive spirit to alter Scripture without conscience despite of the original message given to the apostles of Christ. From the time of the Early Church the words of the Apostles were revered as truthful and they upheld the teachings of Christ. In 400AD the Church of Rome rejected the Apostles teachings through the radical restructuring of how Scripture was to be understood through their cultic followings of Augustine’s tampering with the Scriptures, this would lead to future Christian’s to reject the absolutes of God’s judgement and restoration of the earth as was foretold by the prophets of God (Rev 10:7). The warnings in Revelation 22:18-19; clearly warn of damnation to anyone who would add or takes away from God’s Word, prophecy of Christ’s return or to alter the Genesis account of creation. Many of those who have inherited an Augustinian framework of interoperating Scripture seem to have no compunction in invoking God’s wrath upon themselves by falsifying what God says! The physical Church has a long history of horror of false shepherds who mistreated their flock and introduced them into assimilating with pagan beliefs. There was no difference in attitude with Protestants, as some things that they were taught by their former Roman church masters remained. In the following documented evidence, it is clear that the Church erupted with new or revised heresies in the early 1800s and brought God’s word into disrepute. Jesus said that “many will be deceived” at the time of Christ’s return, the anti-Christ spirit was planted in the early years of the Church and has spread so widely that the confusion has led to many who are prepared to scoff and not listen to the original message handed through the Apostles on to the Early Church Fathers, fulfilling 2 Peter 3: 2-6. Note also in this passage, from verse 8-9 it gives God’s time table for ‘The millennium week’ taught by the Apostles and most of the Ante-Nicene Fathers.

It is a fallacy to think that Humanism can claim the theory of Evolution is not spiritual or religious, in any way, when its driving force has always been to be in opposition to the God that rules from outside His creation. Most of the religious beliefs of man around the world have a common view which embraces a god that is immanent throughout nature and the universe. In Romans 1:18-32 we have Paul stating the battle line that has been drawn up by these religious groups who are puffed up with the gnosis of their beliefs. The spirit of Antichrist has sown weeds/ tares within the Church that impair the Church through false knowledge. The history of the church shows that Gnostic philosophy has had a major role in reconstructing the original understanding of Scripture from the early years of the Church to this present day. In Chapter 14 I mentioned that the Reformation opened the door for Gnostic and occult groups to work freely, and expand their practices amongst Protestants without persecution. It was within England that the Freemasons who have their origin within the ‘Rosicrucians’, would flourish and be shown favour by a number of Protestant churches.
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