Answers In Revelation

Answers in Revelation is the Bible prophecy ministry of Tim Warner, pastor of Oasis Christian Church in Tampa, Florida. Tim is the founder of The Pristine Faith Restoration Society, and author of The TIME of the END and Mystery of the Mazzaroth. The goal of Answers in Revelation is to make freely available, to both pastors and laymen, well researched and documented resources for teaching sound eschatology to the last generation of Christians.

Jesus warned that most of His followers would fall away in the last days, and only those who endure to the end will be saved (Matt. 24:9-13). False eschatological systems will contribute greatly to the coming apostasy. Some of the primary errors of modern eschatological systems have roots in Greek philosophy. They crept into Christianity by stealth after the earliest Christian apologists overthrew the frontal attack on pristine Christianity — Gnosticism. The “heavenly destiny” ideas of both Amillennialism and Dispensationalism are the product of blending Christianity with Greek philosophy, not from Apostolic teaching.

On this website you will find a straightforward and thorough biblical defense of the following points of doctrine:

1. The rapture is after the tribulation; Christians will go through all of it
2. Prepared believers must flee at the proper time to designated places of safety where they will be fed and protected by God for 1260 days
3. The eternal inheritance (destiny) of true Christians is not heaven, but the restored land which God promised as an everlasting inheritance to Abraham and his “Seed,” who is Christ
4. The term “New Heavens and New Earth” refers to this restored earth and sky. The “New Jerusalem” is the city of Jerusalem restored, the capitol of the world in the 7th Millennium
5. Jesus will return to overthrow the nations and establish His physical reign over the earth at the end of the 6th millennium.

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