Many Will Be Deceived

Table of Contents

1. How I came to write this book
2. My testimony and events leading up to writing this book
3. How to conduct an honest biblical investigation?
4. Satan’s Plan to Undermine God’s Creation
5. The Ante-Nicene Fathers; fallen Angels and Giants
6. Noahide law and acceptance of Gentiles into the coming kingdom of God
7. Hellenist influence over the Jews and Christians
8. The Anti-christ is coming and the antichrist spirit has gone out from amongst us
9. Once saved, always saved: a matter of commitment
10. The first claim of the resurrection of the saints before the Antichrist’s appearance
11. The Ante-Nicene Fathers of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd centuries
12. Greek Philosophy, Pagan roots, Satan’s secret knowledge to the world
13. Romanism: Replacement Covenant Theology and Augustine’s A-millennialism
14. The Roman church cultivates gnostic mysticism and suppression of spiritual freedom
15. Gnostic mysticism takes root to spread its spiritual evolution
16. The 1800’s see the gnostic virus spread to world dominance
17. Pre-Tribulationism: Introduced by Edward Irving 1830, promoted by John Darby in 1834
18. “The history of the doctrine of the rapture”: article by Thomas Ice and Grant Jeffery
19. What do the scriptures say about a pre-tribulation rapture?
20. Satan’s deceit and deception clouds the vision of the elect
21. Modern evolution founded by Charles Darwin but born from Greek Gnosticism
22. Theistic evolution in the Church
23. Gnostic theological liberalism within the Church sets the tone for Darwinism
24. Darwinism: devilish Gnostic myth dressed up as science
25. The Bible and the age of the earth/ universe
26. Rome and A-millennial Protestant churches support the attack on Creationism
27. Evolution and political anti-Semitic beliefs
28. Gnosticism and Capitalism
29. Gnostic foundation of the modern cults
30. Christian, you are to stand firm to the end
31. The Greatest Tribulation on the Earth will be upon those who do not belong to God
32. The kingdom on earth restored

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